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Word / Office documents viewer control in PowerApps

Similar as this:

but for Word and other Office document, and with support for files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.

Status: Planned

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Imagine if you could develop an app with PowerApps that enables you to view any content in SharePoint you have permission to view on any site, view all the Document Libraries and Lists on those sites, view just about any documents such as PDFs, Word, PowerPoint within the same app, view photo libraries rendering highly compressed images AND even watch videos stored in your Document Libraries. And all that functionality had been implemented on just one screen in PowerApps without a single workaround or hack to enable all those things.


Not a chance, right? That type of functionality is years away surely? No doubt many of you have already been waiting years for it.


Guess again Smiley Very Happy


Blog forthcoming...



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@MasterOffice365 @How's the blog coming on?

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Sometimes life happens and things take somewhat longer than anticipated! 


What I have been working on since my previous reply on this thread is making 2 of the 3 primary Flows I've created for my demo app more generic to accommodate a far wider use case scenarios.


Equally I have enhanced the initial demo app I created to showcase what I at least think is quite an awesome user experience rendering content the user has permission stored in ANY site (and subsites) from ANY Document Library (and subfolders) or List.


In my app I also demonstrate on-the-fly conversions of Word, PowerPoint, HTML and likely others I haven't tested can instantly be converted to PDFs and displayed in a PDF Viewer control and equally just as easily view actual PDF documents stored in a SharePoint document library in that same PDF Viewer control with zero effort or workarounds that have historically been required in order to view PDF documents stored in SharePoint due to authentication related challenges. 


Notwithstanding the demo now showcases how calling a single Flow content from any list on any site can be consumed by the app inclusive of ALL the metadata pertaining to whichever list you query, which thereafter be displayed in a Gallery control or any other requirement for your app. Furthermore the same Flow returns the actual schema definition for the list, such that at run time the app is able to determine the field type for each column in that list for example which columns are lookup fields to another list on the site, person or group fields, date time fields, text fields with the number of lines and maximum length, choice fields inclusive of possible choices for that column as well as attachments etc. 


I have recorded a new video of the demo app I have created. I am currently reworking the Flows to remove some unnecessary complexities rather than try and explain in the upcoming blog what the initial intention of those "now" unnecessary steps were intended for. 


Demo of v2 of the app on YouTube:

PowerApps SharePoint User Experience Demo v2

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All sounds good and will take a look at the latest YouTube video, looking forward to the blog and having access to the app to have a play and see the techniques etc used.




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The video is great. Huge work done by you there. This would be such a useful feature for so many future apps in PowerApps. I have a few departments which want to view files directly in the app rather than having links to teh attachements. Looking forward for the Blog! 


Amazing work!

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@JC75 @fonssp 




Now final version of this app.


View PDF documents or any documents converted to PDFs on the fly, download, edit metadata, watch videos, view photos stored on any site in any document library including subfolder or list with zero connectors associated with the app, enabled leveraging the SharePoint v2 Graph APIs invoked by just 7 Flows that do everything demostrated in a single app with a single screen in that app!


Need I say more Smiley Very Happy

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@Office365Masterlooks great - but when do we get our hands on the app to have a play!!!

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@JC75 @fonssp 


It certainly took far longer then I initially anticipated, but I believe this blog should definitely be worth the wait!  The demo video for the corresponding blog speaks for itself really.
PowerApps & SharePoint – The Ultimate User Experience

Rather than me trying to describe whether this blog is worth reading or not, feel free to leave your comments on this thread about any functionality in particular you may think is pretty awesome 😁

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@JC75 @fonssp 


I have created a far simplied demo app that pretty much showcases how awesome and easy it is to leverage this code. I've now also shared a link to download the simplified PowerApp on my related blog post:

PowerApps & SharePoint – The Ultimate User Experience


I have also uploaded a far shorter 2 minute video demo of the simplied app to YouTube so anyone can check it out before deciding whether or not they'd like to test drive it 🤗.

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Any updates on the status of this feature? Would be great to have.