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Would like to have the User choose a Theme listed on the Design Tab

Currently the only way to have the user change the Color Experience is to bind the relevant design properties of your controls to some state that your app manipulates (Specific to each control... Color, etc); however, within the IDE, I can have the application change all colors simply by choosing a theme.  Why not have functionality that allows Theme selection happen dynamically by the user.   I already have a settings "Page" that allows the user to decide how they will use the app.  I wanted them to have the ability to choose a theme that is best suited to their own visual needs/desires.

Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
Power Automate

@hellerak Thanks for giving me the idea to create this app (smiles). It's something you can do to a certain degree even now! I hope you like it! (We'll still review your idea too!)


Happy PowerApping,