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Write to the Plug-in Trace Log from assemblies outside SandBox

Author Name: Jonas Rapp

Using the ITracingService only works for plug-ins registered in SandBox.

Since this service is so much better/easier to use than e.g. logging to file on the server, this should be enabled also when using plug-ins not registered in isolation.

Status: New
Level: Powered On
Status changed to: New
Level: Powered On

MSDN article describing where it should be available: "Tracing is supported for sandboxed (partial trust) and full trust registered custom code and during synchronous or asynchronous execution"

Debug a plug-In - Logging and tracing

Level: Powered On
Level: Powered On

Very useful to have this feature enable for non sandbox register plugins

Level: Power Up

I'm not sure why this is labeled new as this is a bug and SHOULD work according to the documentation.