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Zoom in/out with fingers

As mobile phone's screen is small, and use fingers gesture to zoom in/ out is too common, please include this feature.


Anonymous shared this idea  ·                      

Status: Under Review
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Has this been implemented yet?

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@Anonymous hah, funny guy,

just kidding, no it isn't implemented at the moment

Advocate I

This should be an optional feature

Advocate III

Apparently, this feature was implemented. I thought it was a bug because you can pinch-zoom any screen. IMO, this makes using drop-down controls more difficult. I don't think controls should be able to zoom. I think a press and hold to magnify would be a more elegant solution, and I definitely feel this should be optional under the advanced settings screen. Robot Sad

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Now this future made mobile app unusable as its automatically zooming in no mather how big is the text. Very frustrating that users needs to manually zoom out every time! The zoom in future should be optional. Please test futures before activating them...