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Zoom in/out with fingers

As mobile phone's screen is small, and use fingers gesture to zoom in/ out is too common, please include this feature.


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Status: Under Review
Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review
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Nice to have feature

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Very Important feature I think.

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This would be really great, bit surprised that its not there. 


For me the power BI tile lead me to this requirement for zoom gestures. Maybe we could begiven the ability to zoom in on the power bi tile.



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Is it available yet? I too can use it on smart phone and tablets.
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must be added, controls +/- is old way of zooming.

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@Migrated_User @Audrie-MSFT @johnguilbert197 @Anonymous @kobe

Consider voting for this other idea. Would give a lot more possibility than just zooming functionnalities.

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In terms of usability and accessibility, I could not agree more.  We should make all apps as inclusive as possible from the first design stages onwards, this is an essential function to all especially, in my experience, for users who face barriers when using such a visual medium.  I have worked with people with Visual Impairments for whom Pinch Zoom is vital, as well as many other people with a wide variety of impairments and/or who face barriers when using mobile devices (including tablets).   In Europe, the 'EU Accessibility Directive' will require mobile apps (as well as websites etc) to be accessible from a specified time.  It puzzles me why such a standard function of mobile communication is missing from powerapps, particularly when it assists so many users, whether or not they are disabled people.

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Please add the feature of Zoom in & out.

Also the app is not responsive for the screen rotation its always horizotal only, does anyone know how to tweek it ?

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good idea