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a Run Button for OnStart in the ribbon

Alt has been introduced as to ease PowerApp testing during development. On Visible can run if we move from one screen to another but the OnStart will not run until I save, close and repoen my app. Also can be COPIED to a OnSelect of a Button so to say, but the fact that I should copy everytime I make a change leads to mistakes when I forget!


Please add a button in the Rubbon to Run the PowerApp OnStart event.



Status: Completed

Thanks @Yahya!

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WOW this is done already! Thanks team.

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Status changed to: Completed

Thanks @Yahya!

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Hello CWesener 

I found the OnStart in the ribbon, however I expected that clicking it will actually run the OnStart function?

That would have been the key benefit for me, not having to trigger the run via clicking a button..

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Hi @CWesener,


@Anonymous is right : the OnStart button in the ribbon just opens-up the corresponding property of the screen but does not run the "code" in it.

We really need a way to RUN the OnStart property of a screen for instance because when you change the content of a collection used in a gallery, the gallery becomes empty and does not reload its new content unless the OnStart event is triggered again. Yet, the only way at the moment for us to trigger the OnStart event is to close the tab where we are developping the application and modify it again... Really not handy...

Could you provide us with a way to trigger the OnStart event when we are in design-mode in PowerApps ?

Should I create a new idea since this one is "closed" ?


Thank for your feedback on this,



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Yeah... I'm fairly certain this is not actually done yet. @CWesener Could you elaborate on what change was actually done here? Maybe even a link to release notes where it was implemented?


Thank you!

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@CWesener   I'm also looking for a way to run the OnStart in design mode without existing the application.    Maybe reset state that would reset all the variables and run the onstart

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For anyone reading this now, I did see the change made a few months ago. If you click "App" in the tree view you can right click and hit the "Run OnStart"