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ability to create templates or bind to (excel) data source at run time

Powerapps shows several sample app templates like Budget tracker that when first run dynamically create a data an excel based table source which the applcation uses. Currently this is no way for a power apps developer to create a similar function. Being that excel has multi-user lockout issues and size limitations in powers apps, a development feature like this is needed. 

Sharing an excel sheet out to many users increases the probabilty  of lock outs by ther users and increased data size. Having the application able to bind to a new sheet at run time mitigates this problem. 

Also using a share point would help but the main limition is that an entire share point site needs to be creates/used to access the list which brings it's own headaches with permissions. By using excel, the data set would automaically be accessible and limited to the users that have access to the location determined by the applicaiton. Also the data whch may contain several tables will be maintained in a single excel sheet.


Anyone using excel as a data source should vote for this feature. Note on a side note onedrive for business does not allow the developer to view the location of the excel sheet it is bound too. If this feature is added the ability to view the data source should be added. DEvelopers need to remove and re-source the excel data tables to ensure they are working on the correct data. If there are several copies of the sheet out there, the developer has no other way of knowing which sheet it is using.


Status: New