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add Format Painter - PowerApps

Several programs have a format painter tool, can you please add a format painter tool for Form - DataCards.


I imagine it would work something like: You have a data card that includes a 'label' and a 'text-field'. You select the format painter tool, you click on a data card that you want to copy the formatting on. Now when you select the new data card you want to apply the format to, if there's a 'label' and 'text-field' in both cards, it applies the formatting to those items. 


I was encouraged to suggest this idea after creating a form, connecting the properties of things like: font, font-weight, size, position, etc. After doing that for about 40+ data cards (all the same type of content such as a header question title, a text field for the answer). Then I realized that my SQL data source did not have a primary key, so I couldn't use the SubmitForm function because the 'update' property didn't exist without a primary key in my SQL table. 


Now all that time spent connecting those properties is just a write-off because I have to insert a new form and start all over again. 


Potential time saved in this use-case if a format tool existed: approximately 7 - 8 hours minimum.


The form creation time would have gone from 9 hour in total, down to about 1 hour. 

Status: New