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add getUserPrivileges for Context Parameters

In more secure applications where we are using Field Level Security it is critical to know if someone has read/write/create privileges for fields.  I have multiple instances that a custom component is required but we are unable to just use the Component Framework Context because we don't have the same control we have when we get the field control and there is no way to pass a form context to the control to do it properly.  This leaves us using the deprecated Xrm.Page.getAttribute.


Please either add a "feature-usage" that is the form context or add a way for to get the same functionality of the getUserPrivileges from the Component Framework Context Parameter.  It might be that the SecurityValues are the same thing but the documentation is lacking and if so please update the documentation. 


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The only problem with getting the value from the ComponentFramework.Context<IInput>.parameters is that we can only get the field level security for inputs and at this time there is a list of field types that are unsupported and so it wouldn't be possible to pass them but you still might need to get the security for them. 


I have a use case where I have a lookup field that has field level security on it but I can't get the users ability to see the value of that field without using Xrm.Page model.  This field is required for the custom component to function correctly and even adding the getUserPriviledges to the parameter object wont work since I can't have a parameter of-type Lookup.Simple.