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add support for m4a files so we can record audio with Microsoft Voice Recorder in Windows 10

I need to add audio files to my PowerApp, and i didn't want to be limited to using the PowerApps Microphone.


so i found Voice Recorder in Windows 10...only to discover that m4a files are not in the list of supported file formats in the Audio upload dialog.


This seems like an odd oversight. you can fix this, right?

Status: Under Review
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Hi mcorning,


Sorry for the inconvenience. I was able to import and use the files by renaming their extension to .mp4

This might unblock you until it is supported in the product.




Responsive Resident

ah, mp4 works (mp3 loads but does not replay).


this isn't a big deal to change file extensions, especially after i tried to install two other third party audio tools, tools made for people smarter than me because i could not record and reply from either of thm.


anyway, thanks a 0x4240 for getting back to me so soon. the Ubimodo demo in Toronto is this Wednesday, and now at least the audio capabiity of our PowerApps is working...though i'd still like to be able to run the audio file when the audio control becomes visible... <g/>

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btw, is there a technical reason PowrerApps lists the mp4 audio file in Video list? Since i reference it in a formula by name, it doesn't matter where it's listed, but i'm curious, just the same.


oh, and sorry, i left out a digit above and shortchanged my gratitude: thanks 0xF4240. <g/>

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Status changed to: Under Review