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app rating for developers

after editing a app and saved it, there is a test phase, then this app is rating by me.


  1. changes i had tested and it works
  2. oh there is still a bug and not for users
  3. good for productive
  4. let the user test it
  5. ..

i like so see this at app history.

and then it need a flag/button go live, the user get this changes.


i believe currently if me share my app every user get changes after me saved at design time.

Status: Planned
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Hi Markus,


You can use environments to achieve this:




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somehow yes but did you made a test to do this?

it seems a complicated thing.

i believe you will need edit to get a save as local,

change enviroment, open it and then save as over the live app.

also every app is duplicated then.

(in my idea the app history can act as productive app and it is rated before.)

after this u need to change enviroment back to developing.


dev-enviroment app cloud


live-enviroment app cloud


i missing a copy into other enviroment menü from a closed app.


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Correct, we have a gap in this flow right now and are working on it.

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sounds good 🙂

if this enviroment is part of the app list or one view it would simpler.

example:mark source and target app and click copy.

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Status changed to: Planned