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attachment control: upload attachments with drag and drop



It would be nice if I could attach a document with drag and drop when working with the attachment control, instad of pick a document up.


Mostly the same way as it works in the document library.


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I need the drag and drop feature and the ability to paste from clipboard


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I need the ability to choose more than one attachment at a time.

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In addition to the idea mentioned by OP:


Today i've noticed that it's possible to drag and drop documents towards an attachments-control if the control's datasource is a SharePoint list. However, this doesn't seem to work when the datasource is a field on a CDS entity. 

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Upvoting this idea; it'd be really nice to see this implemented! From a business point of view, drag & drop is something the end-user expects by default. It's quote annoying that we're forced to select 1 attachment at a time.