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connecting speech api or cortana with powerapps

connecting speech api or cortana with powerapps for approval, rejection based on voice.

Status: Under Review

Thank you all for additional comments. We will continue to consider this for releases on the long term roadmap.

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Hello any update ? Smiley Happy

Power Automate
Status changed to: Need Info

Adding @archanan to comment on status.

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This is a great idea. The Amazon Fire TV Stick mobile app has a little microphone button that will take a voice search command when you tap and hold. Would love to incorporate this into my PowerApp


Image result for fire tv app

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We are as well missing the speech to text funktion. As in iphone Siri available since version 5 it should allow speaking to any text box and the spoken words should show up as text. Usage is for example collecting 'written' data while evaluating real estates or when a technician completes his tasks. For the latter there are situations (construction works etc). when speech to text is simply faster and safer.

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Really missing this function also. It would be a lot more convinient to have a dedicated button to launch speech to text, rather than having to find it in the keyboard Smiley Embarassed

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We would love it too.. considering microsoft's azure speech service bills by the minute MS could make some money if they simply built a flow connector..

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This would be a great function for our field operators to enter their notes using speech to text when collecting meter data.  Please add this function!  Thanks!

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Same thing from me...   this is a natural progression and really table stakes for app development these days.

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Yes - we really need this.

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Yes, would apply speech-to-text to our apps if it was available. Status?