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copy-paste custom cards

I spent a good deal of time creating a custom card with formatting and functionality. Rather than redoing those steps for 5 more custom cards, and having to repeat the process for the edit version, it would be fantastic to be able to copy and paste or duplicate a card from the Options pane (probably as an item under the ellipsis).


Quick explanation of what I was creating: I wanted an accordion style toggle to hide/show details of a fixed number of items (person and up to 5 dependents). I tried to do this with mostly standard cards and just set the visibility of the cards to a context variable, but I found that when I would show the details cards, they would always appear at the bottom of the cards, not in the order I'd set. I also set a bunch of formatting values. All that I need to change in each item is a variable name.

Status: Planned
Helper II

Sorely disappointed. Came looking for a solution on how to create a customized Form and customized card placement so my app doesn't look like something out of Windows 95 - WOW. NOTHING.    People have been pleading for this feature function for more than 4.5 years now - and did Microsoft literally NOTHING to implement this sorely needed feature - at this rate, if I come back after 5 years. If I had to guess - Microsoft would still not have this fixed. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE.

Helper V

So this has been planned since 2017 and still not implemented? I don't believe I need to spend time recreating custom data cards and applying formatting to each one individually.


Edit: You can sort of work around this by creating a custom card and copying and pasting each individual control between your cards.

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Is that function seriously still not implemented yet..?? 😖

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Please add this feature.

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Any updates on this aged "PLANNED" feature? @Audrie-MSFT