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copy-paste custom cards

I spent a good deal of time creating a custom card with formatting and functionality. Rather than redoing those steps for 5 more custom cards, and having to repeat the process for the edit version, it would be fantastic to be able to copy and paste or duplicate a card from the Options pane (probably as an item under the ellipsis).


Quick explanation of what I was creating: I wanted an accordion style toggle to hide/show details of a fixed number of items (person and up to 5 dependents). I tried to do this with mostly standard cards and just set the visibility of the cards to a context variable, but I found that when I would show the details cards, they would always appear at the bottom of the cards, not in the order I'd set. I also set a bunch of formatting values. All that I need to change in each item is a variable name.

Status: Planned
Helper I
Helper I

It's sad to see that the issue has been ignored thus far (over 3 Years now).

Not being able to copy paste data on the fly is detrimental to the overall workflow of PowerApps.

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Agree with all others, very disapointed this is not yet implemented. The speed at which apps can be made would be dramatically increased with this feature.

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I don't understand why this feature has yet to be implemented.  The amount of time needed to create a functional eye pleasing application is way to long.

Anybody from Microsoft listening to these suggestions?

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Yes please make this happen oh great and powerful powerapps dev team. We beg your mercy. Listen to our cries for help!


We labor in vain. Our prayers fall on stone statues.

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Wow... I assumed this was a case of dumb-newbie on my part and I was missing something obvious...

How can such a basic, obvious and necessary function be missing from what should be a flagship product?

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Really want to see this feature added soon. Why should you need to create cards from scratch each time...Like in powerpoint, if I create something I like and want to reuse, it should be an each copy paste or at least have a duplicate option.

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@michowl is this still in the planned stage?  



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This feature, Please!

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Please speed up and, Give us this feature already.
Its been 4 years now!! 

PS: My fingers are cursing me on daily basis.