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crm2013: what changed in formloading .. my form-reload-js will not work anymore (change based on pickliste value of new_accounttype - field)

Author Name: Peter Bohn

Hi all,

since crm2013 the functionality we used in crm2011 to Change the form based by a field value (f.e. new_accounttype) .. will not work properly.

We created some js functions, wich checked the selected picklist value of new_accounttype .. looked, what form is acutally loaded, and if this was not the correct form, loaded the right form.
But something was changed in crm2013.
If i load an existing record, the form loads with the last opend form, then changes to the form which is saved in new_accounttype. ... SO THIS STILL WORKS.
But if we create a new account, i give the Name and the accounttype. The a js is set to the onchange of the field new_accounttype wich only executes a "save()". This worked in crm2011 but not in crm2013, and i still have no solution for this.
The new record saves, the right form will be loaded (wich was just choosed in the ass_accounttype_field) .. and a short break after reloading the form, the form reloads again, and changes to the Standard form for creating new accounts.

Does anyone have an solution for this???

Greets pit.

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Thank you for your response this seems to be a bug not a feature request. If you are still experiencing this issue on the latest release of CRM or feel it is of high importance please contact support to help identify and make sure this bug is entered and tracked for you as the customer. Your feedback has been received. The following link can help you with creating your support request. Thanks Larry