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extract substring using regex

Would be useful if the IsMatch function had a baby brother that could extract/return a substring from a parent string by using a regex pattern.  Either as a separate function or perhaps as an additional or optional output of the IsMatch function.


This is especially useful for strings that are variable where left/mid/right won't, but have predictable structure/patterns that regex can pick up.




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Like this functionality.  However, also would like to vet user input using a REGEX formula.  On match indicate to the user the input is a valid piece of data and alter App behaviour.   So could use access to the REGEX class, plugin, etc.

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I could definitely use this if it works as javacript and others (i.e. "\d(\d)\d" than the 2nd digit can be referenced. 

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Would be very useful!

Yeah, I need a way to validate email input matches a certain pattern. 

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I'm looking for a way to set a variable based on finding a code within a mail subject.


I think regex is ideal for this.

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Looking for something similar. I'd like to look for text in a string, in most cases a url (i.e or, that contains "doc-" followed by and unspecified amount of numbers (i.e. doc-456123) and extract that specific match from the string

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If anyone is looking for an answer, here's an example that I've posted.