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function copy format of component



I would appreciate if there will be a function of copy format as it is in excel, word and others MS applications. 


It should work that you select first component and then second. Second component will copy all properties same as the first component if it possible. So this should copy colors, fonts, size of font, border etc.. 


Maybe should be there a choice between copy all variables like position or size of component or copy only the graphical parts.


this should help in quick designing or redesigning applications

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This is very much needed and I was about to suggest this myself. I spend hours trying to copy the same style manually and it's just a pain. Work time would be cut short with this feature.

What I had in mind:

  • For each Control, there would be two buttons on each property labeled "Copy Properties" "Paste Properties"
  • Each property would have its own checkbox, which, when toggled it would be copied (or not) once the copy properties button is clicked. And pasted when the paste properties button is clicked.
  • For Controls of the same type (i.e. inputs, dropdowns, etc), there would be default checkboxes toggled on.
  • If the controls are of the same type, you would have just the basic similar properties available for copying. So: Color, Fill, BorderStuff, Text, etc.

Basically what OP suggested but more streamlined