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get sharepoint groups from sharepoint site in power apps



It would be good to fetch all the SharePoint groups into power apps based on the SharePoint site its connected with. If we need to check if a user belongs to which SharePoint group then it’s not possible now.

Status: Under Review

Thank you for submitting this idea. Although not on the current short-term roadmap, we encourage the community to continue voting as we consider the possibility of including this on future releases. Adding @KeremY to comment on feasibility.


Thank you,



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still not available 😞 had to use some api to call. 


powerapps is meant to replace infopath and spd forms yet cant do same functionality 😞 alot of workarounds to get it working but it means when it does come the powerapps needs updating so further change is needed at a cost to the business.

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Will help a lot !

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@KeremY  and @Audrie-MSFT , any comments on feasibility or development in the review process?