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Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

Status: Declined

This may be considered in the future, but is not on the current roadmap by design. However, there are a few people I know who are running Mac OS with Parellels, and are able to use the Desktop app in that way.


Learn more:


Thank you for your continued feedback and support as we continue to enhance the product.



Status: Completed

When a combo-box has multiple items selected it will:

  • If single line it will show a "MORE" button that when clicked will display all selection in a pane.
  • If its height allows for more than one line of text, it will show all items with a scrollbar if necessary.

If you are expecting to have multiple selections, it is recommended to increase the height of the combo box in the view form.

Status: New
  • PowerApps Studio
Status: Need Info

Hello @kamil-k!


We truly appreciate your feedback, and were wondering if you would be willing to share what you'd like to see improved in the German version of PowerApps as well. We'd love to see a bulleted list of pros and cons if you have the time to do that. Feel free to type in German if that is more comfortable for you, as we have a diverse team and plenty of translation tools Smiley Happy


The localization team is very interested in improving this experience for you. @linhtran is added to facilitate feedback collection with them.


Thank you for your continued feedback and patience as we improve these services, respectfully,


  • PowerApps Studio
Status: Planned
  • PowerApps Studio
Status: Planned

This is definitely on our radar. We plan to improve this experience through enhancements with environments and the admin center.


Note the references below (more is coming out as the features are released): (Starting at 55:19 frame)


Thank you for your continued feedback and patience as we enhance features,