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powerapps view not showing in Sharepoint list when created from powerapps portal

Hello Team,


We are not able to see the view in the SharePoint list when powerapps is created from powerapps portal. I have discussed this in detail in the forum.




Status: Under Review
Power Automate
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This is by design. We don't actually automatically put an app into the SharePoint List views because it may not be desired by the App Maker. There are some feature varience that we would have to account for. For example, to mention only a couple:


  • List View Apps are also not intended to be pushed to the player app for mobile phones, but apps made through studios would be available there once shared.
  • List View Apps are normally permissioned at the list level (private or public based on list permissions), whereas standard apps made in the studios usually will leverage more refined versioning and sharing capabilities.

We are working to further enhance the features for List View Apps, including plans to provide a more integrated experience on the SharePoint pages themselves.


Quick Question:

Are you suggesting that we provide a way for the App Maker to decide whether or not an app will show up in the List Views, even if it was not made from the SharePoint ribbon?


Thank you for your feedback. As soon as I confirm your goal, I'll discuss with the team.


Thank you,


Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review