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prevent users from viewing app until completely loaded

My app is connected to two SharePoint lists. I would like my app to be "locked out of use" for the user until all of the information is fully loaded. The app does show the "loading" dots at the top of the app, but I am afraid these won't be obvious to the average user, and people will think they are seeing all of the data before it is fully loaded.

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I had a similar issue and got around it by creating a "loading" textbox element over the UI which hid everything (in my case 2 galleries from 2 lists). Then set the "Visible" property of this loading element to set based on the count of items returned in those galleries. I found by the time this query was evaluated, the items would have loaded up and so all the data the user needed to see would be there.

In your case, perhaps a similar thing could work. If you're loading exact data to fields, could be worth trying to use the "IsBlank" function to check all fields are loaded before hiding the Loading element.

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After testing this, I couldn't get it to consistently show with the is blank, so I just created a context variable set to false, then as the last command of ONVisible property of the screen use UpdateContext to set it to true. then my table's Visible property is set to this variable and the "Loading..." label is set to the opposite (i.e. !variable). That's what ended up working for me.