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radius for Labels, shapes feature

Text inputs can have their radius defined, however the same cant be done for labels that may have a border and filled in. 

equally the same for shapes such as rectangles etc.


Can the radius function be included for all items that may have a border so that all items can not just be a straight edged rectanngle.

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Why dont you create a text Input and set the display mode as disabled then edit the disabled properties, such as DisabledBorderColor, DisabledColor and DisabledFill this in turn will let you have a text input with the same properties as a label and you can edit the BorderRadius to make this rounded


as for rectangle shapes add a button once again change the radius to get it rounded and set the button as view this can act as a rounded rectangle 


Hope this helps 🙂

Advocate III

This would be great for comboboxes too.

Frequent Visitor

It would be wonderful if we had border radius control for each individual corner. Use case is this: Label on the left and Text Input on the right. Set the border radius of the left corners of the Label and the right corners of the Text Input to 5, and leave the inner corners at 90 degrees, thus making the 2 elements look like 1 cohesive element. This is possible with CSS, would love this sort of design control within PowerApps.

Advocate II

I agree and I really wonder why this property is not available at controls like rectangle, Combobox, Datefield, etc... When I decide my layout should have rounded input controls I currently can only use text fields... But I would like to use also other input controls... 


As long as the custom control feature is not available to canvas apps (only model driven) we really need this feature... With custom controls I believe we should be able to build out own controls with missing features like this.... 

Advocate I

Two years later and we still dont have any MS staff in put on this... this type of thing is kind of expected in modern app design 😕

Regular Visitor

I agree. We are able to edit buttons but no text labels, rectangles, ...
This should be an absolute must in modern app design. I hope they include this little feature ASAP. 

Advocate II

We need this feature added asap!

Advocate I

We still need this ASAP!!!

Advocate IV

This is frustrating, surely a quick fix for huge design impact? Fiddling with a Button to do same thing is ridiculous and bound to cause problems with updates later.

Helper I

It will be good to have a radius for the screen as well