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scan barcodes simultaneously from a photo/picture

We try to build an App for scanning boxlabels at the departments inbound/outbound/quality.


e.g. in the automotive industry there are boxlabels with different information in classical 2d-barcode code 39.

There are some standards for this labels named (VDA4902 or actualized VDA4994).

Different qualifiers exist, like
- "N" for advice note no.

- "P" for part no.

- "Q" for quantity

- "V" supplier no. (vendor)

- "S" for serial no. of packing unit

- "H" for batch no.

- "30S" supplier part no.

The barcode includes the qualifier at the beginning.


so the result of scanning the barcode for quantity 140 pcs is:



An example for a label (real width is approx. 20cm)



other labels include qr matrix and code39 together on one page...


for us in the productive industry this would be a very cool feature!

Status: New