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select language in PowerApps UWP App

The translation to the german (maybe not only in german) langauge in the designer is really horrible. Please provide a possibilty to change the language inside the app.

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Hello @kamil-k!


We truly appreciate your feedback, and were wondering if you would be willing to share what you'd like to see improved in the German version of PowerApps as well. We'd love to see a bulleted list of pros and cons if you have the time to do that. Feel free to type in German if that is more comfortable for you, as we have a diverse team and plenty of translation tools Smiley Happy


The localization team is very interested in improving this experience for you. @linhtran is added to facilitate feedback collection with them.


Thank you for your continued feedback and patience as we improve these services, respectfully,


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Maybe a scenario will clarify:

Microsoft Employee #1 in USA will create a PowerApp with OS/Browser Settings on English.

This Employee #1 will share the App with another Microsoft Employee #2 in the Netherlands making that Employee Co-Owner. 

Employee #2 has OS/Browser Settings on Dutch.


If the PowerApp was created by Employee #1 with advanced formulas and got it to work correctly, Employee #2 edits the design of the PowerApp --> some formulas could break because of regional differences (Id versus ID, comma versus semicolon, etc) even when Employee #2 has not touched any of the controls with these advanced formulas.

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It looks there is still no solution. I tried now everything. Moved Google to all English setting, W10 region and language all defaulted to English. Office 365 changed to English. Everything is English by now including the breakfast. Not yet Powerapps that still wants to speak German with me. It would be a great help to pick the language in the application indeed.

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Is there an update to this?  I don't see Microsoft commenting since 2018.  

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Same problem as High8. The french translation are not very accurate, which leads to misunderstandings.

It would be a great help to pick the language / regional settings in the application.

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Indeed this is very annoying! Best thing would be to choose the default language for formulas and syntax in the editor itself.