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suggested icons


I would like to suggest these icons:

1) A horizontal line

2) A vertical line

3) Undo

4) Redo

5) Globe (to symbolize the Web)



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For a horizontal line (or vertical) use a rectangle - with a width of 2 to 4 pixel (or something)


There are undo/redo controls on the top right of the (browser based) interface





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Hi, Rupert,

Thanks for the providing the workaround in regards to the line icons I requested.  That will work! 


As for Undo and Redo, are you suggesting I can use these as icons in an app?  If yes, how?



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My mistake - was just reading that as needing and undo/redo feature in the designer!

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Right - had a bit of a play and some Googling (though perhaps I should be politic and say Binging here)


Have a read of this article


Basically in a nutshell - upload your icon as a  media file

Insert it as a media item (from the Media dropdown) you just need to name the image property as the filename (without the suffix)

Then use the OnSelect or any other function as normal....


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Hi, Rupert,

Although I would still like these to be standard icons available from the icons dropdown, I am appreciating your thoughtful replies. 


I did read a mention about the "cook your own icon" method but it said the results were not as clean or clear looking as using the already available icons, so I have not tried it.  I may give it a whirl.


Thanks again,