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support for access web apps lookup fields

It would be great if you can add support for lookup fields in access web apps. At the moment it's not possible to save data into a lookup field. 

Status: Under Review

Adding @GregLi to validate status.

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Hi afernando, it is possible to save data to a lookup field, you just need to save the lookup ID as a number.  Or is that not the issue?

What is not supported is to be able to display data other than the ID of a lookup field without making reference to the lookup table.

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Hi Steelman70,


Thanks for your comment. I just tried saving the lookup ID as a number in Web studio but couldn't go much further as it keeps acting weird. My Windows app doesn't work as I recently updated to the latest Windows 10 build. So I'll try again when I get the Powerapps studio working and let you know if had any luck.
And I know you're pretty good at Access web apps and I'd like to know if you're  happy to help with an issue that I'm stuggling with for a while. Thanks!



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I am happy to help, you can send me a direct message if it is only about Access Web Apps or open up a new topic on the forum if it is about AWA and PowerApps..

In regards to Studio, it was acting weird recently for me as well, so now I only use the web designer and it seems to work very well with Chrome.

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I'm curious if you ever found a solution?  I'm having the same issues.  I want to use Access Web Apps to input and view data, but I also want to be able to view and edit the same data from PowerApps.  Connecting to the Access SQL server works fine, however the lookup values in the WebApp only show up as numbers in PowerApps.  I'm new to both, so maybe there is a simple fix that I don't know about.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!  

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Hi there is a simple fix, you use the LookUp function but there are ways to make it efficient.

Please start a thread in PowerApps forum and I or someone else will help.

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That's great!  I just posted a message in the forum, hopefully someone will help.  Thanks!


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Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @GregLi to validate status.

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on 30 th ms declared that AWA will be retireing from o365. RIP the only relational database on O365.