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support for chatbot. allow ordinary user to build a simple chatbot app and deploy it in PowerApps

as you may know, chatbots have been the rage recently especially when FB messenger was made open to 3rd parties for chatbot development. some people even think that chatbots in FB messenger would be a possible replacement for apps in some use cases.  there has been a lot of 3rd parties that facilitate chatbot preparation/setting up.  (chatfuel for example)


was wondering what the team behind PowerApps think about this.


it would be awesome if an ordinary business user could use PowerApps to setup a simple IVRS like phone-tree (very similar to chatfuel). it would be great if this could then be released to FB Messenger.  otherwise, it would still be nice if the chat experience can be simulated on top of the PowerApps platform.  So instead of building an app,  the ordinary user is building a chatbot and deploying it in PowerApps.



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You are right! Having the possibility to use PowerApps to chat is a game changer! One stop for everything! Idea