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'word-wrap'-feature for ComboBoxes and Dropdown lists

Long strings in ComboBoxes or Dropdown lists will be cut off if the width isn't enough to display the string in one line.


This could be very frustrating when trying to select the right item but the ComboBox/ Dropdown isn't wide enough.
So as a user I must be able to see the whole string in the list for example with a 'word-wrap'-feature or as a 'tooltip' while hovering over the items in the list.

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New Member

That is exactly what I need! Users of my apps are complaining again and again why this is not possible.

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Another solution option is to have a HoverOver option while trying to select one of the available values that are too wide for the control to display, especially on the really long lists.  HoverOver works today after you've selected a value, but would be very helpful while selecting text that is wider than the control.

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I really hope they add something to this effect.

It's been a niggling annoyance to work around for a few projects now.


Word warp on these components should have been in from the get go.