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Add Multiple Content Snippets to HTML Body


Can you please tell me what is wrong with this setup? I am trying to render content snippets


I have created a website, a web template for the website, a page template for the website, a webpage for the website and 4 content snippets.

Web Template

My web template shows


{% include 'snippet' snippet_name:'snippet1' %}

{% include 'snippet' snippet_name:'snippet2' %}

{% include 'snippet' snippet_name:'snippet3' %}

{% include 'snippet' snippet_name:'snippet4' %}

Content Snippets

snippet 1 - <p> I am snippet 1 </p>

snippet 2 - <p> I am snippet 2 </p>

snippet 3 - <p> I am snippet 3 </p>

snippet 4 - <p> I am snippet 4 </p>


Page Template

My page template



My website



My webpage



I have seen this documentation but it seems to be for one website and one content snippet.


Customize content by using content snippets - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

After you create a snippet with text, HTML, or liquid objects shown in the example above, you can use it in a portal page.

To do add snippet on a portal page:

  1. Create a web template and use snippets liquid object to call the snippet you created.

  2. Create a page template using the web template created earlier.

  3. Use the portals Studio to create a new page using the page template created earlier.


Super User
Super User

Hi @mobicycle ,

There are two ways to use snippets:


{{ snippets["snippet1"] }} or {% assign myname = "snippet1"%} {{ snippets[myname] }}




{% editable snippets "snippet1" type:html %} as documented here:

us/powerapps/maker/portals/liquid/portals-entity-tags#editable ( i am never sure, whether you have to quote the name here or not )


the former just reads them, the latter lets you edit them in the frontend if you are allowed to.


Keep in mind, that {{ }} usually renders something on the page and {% %} is usually a statement.


May be, that is the problem.


Does this help?

Have fun,


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