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Resolver I

Alias on attribute not returned

FetchXML is:


<fetch top="50" distinct="true" >
  <entity name="cr847_table1" >
    <attribute name="cr847_company" alias="comp"/>
    <attribute name="cr847_employe" />
      <condition attribute="cr847_tableid" operator="eq" value="640b201a-f939-eb11-a813-0022480691de" />

After adding an alias in FetchXML-Builder a column with alais is shown.
Same request in FetchXML-Tester doesnt returns that alias column.


Is it a special feature in FetchXML-Builder, that an attribute alias works?






Hi @AndKanPA,

If you will change in FetchXML Builder to view raw results you will see that it also shows results without alias for an attribute. So I assume that is a feature of FetchXML Builder to showed alias for an attribute in a regular view.

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