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Anonymous Access to Portal

Hi All

We currently have a portal which requires users to login. We are looking to expand access to include anonymous access. We will have a number of web pages which will collect data relating to potential customers. The pages will include the ability to search/ filter certain aspects of our data. A page will ultimately capture the customer data as an opportunity in our CDS. I've done some research and this appears possible, just want to check that I'm not missing anything obvious. Access to the initial page would be via a URL, not our portal landing page


Resolver I
Resolver I

Hey Paul,


You are correct in that the portal does support anonymous access and can still retrieve data within the system/capture data.

The only items to be weary of when setting up anonymous access would be:
1.  Enabling Entity Permissions on your Entity Lists/Entity Forms.
2.  Setting up Entity Permissions for your entities you are publishing with the Anonymous User web role applied.
3.  An Opportunity generally requires a Contact/Account (although not required) to be populated on the record for better tracking - it may make sense for you to capture a Lead (since the fields for Contact info and Account info already exist) and convert that to an Opportunity (which will create the Contact/Account automatically, if desired).

The only issues I have found with the portal in regards to anonymous and authenticated access working in tandem was properly displaying the navigation items to the users, but if the anonymous users would be accessing via a URL then I don't see this as an issue.




Matt Bayes

Thanks Matt

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