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Azure AD contact

Hi All,

I am using Azure AD button to login into portal. So when user use Azure AD button to login then a contact record is created in Contact entity. My question is- in portal I have one page using which I am creating contact record. Suppose I create a record for A. Then suppose user A tried to login into portal using Azure AD button. Then what happens? At that time does it create a new record? or link that user with the existing contact record?


Hi @ViditGholam,

Ahh, I see. With the default Azure AD, your Contacts would essentially also be CRM / Dataverse users. Is this the case?


If not, then you really want to use Azure B2C to replace Local Contacts. With that, the PG has produced some OOTB options for easily transitioning, which can be found here: Migrate identity providers to Azure AD B2C - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs

Yes, My contacts are my Azure AD Guest users

Continued Contributor
Continued Contributor

Also is it possible to disable Registrations in Azure AD B2C I want to provide access to only specific users and not anyone who can come and register

Hi @ViditGholam,


In that case, I would try to use the deprecation process in the above link. Here's a snippet of text from there:


The portal allows multiple identities to be associated with a single contact record. When multiple providers are deprecated, a portal user must consent to the terms and conditions multiple times. Whenever a user signs in with a deprecated identity provider, the account migration process is started for each deprecated provider and the contact record is associated with the non-deprecated provider after account migration.


The reason the mapping Site Setting isn't working might be because the "AzureAD" provider might not be correct, but I'm not sure if the default button has a provider it works with.

For Azure B2C, yes, you can set it up so that users can't self-register. That's the default style until you add a User Flow for signup.

Thank you @justinburch for helping will try migrating to Azure AD B2C

I’m glad it helped @ViditGholam, but definitely try the deprecation without B2C first. The snippet above makes it sound like it should automatically convert from your local accounts to the default Azure as well, which might be easier for you.


  • if B2C also works, that’s great. Just know it will come with an additional Azure cost, so that’s something to consider. Outside of that, I’ve had good success with it in the past.

Oh I see, can you please share with me any link that shows the pricing for Azure AD B2C


This is a document that discusses the pricing model briefly, but there are also pricing calculators available if you look for them. According to this, the first 50k authentications appear to be free. it’s been a few years since I used B2C, and I don’t recall how this compared to my previous implementations.

Hi @justinburch , Thank you for helping, will ping you in case I face any issues

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