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Helper IV
Helper IV

...Back to the Browse Website Error Message

I apologize; I am stuck the Power Portals error loop.


To my limited knowledge, I have done everything the Microsoft and forum documents and videos have recommeded.


Everything is fine, until I trigger the 'Permissions' toggle.


After that I get the following error message...


I've followed all the likes and reads all the articles. I cannot figure this out. 


Can some one clarify what these error messages specific indicate are my failings in setting up my portal, rather than sending to othe articles and videos - as, it is obvious I am not getting it that way.


Thank You!!

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It looks like you are locking homepage for authenticated users only, if that's the case then you need to use web page access control to allow sign in files to be accessed 


Refer to this video 

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Hi @PhineasT ,

please check, whether you put a / at the end of the navigation within the portal. Even when you pass get-parameters, you have to pass in <urltopage>/?t=42 and not <urltopage>?t=42 .

This usually causes for me this type of error. This should be visible in the url.

Another cause could be, that you set up restictions for the root page and try to get in as an anonymous user as @Anonymous suggested. 

Having the root only visible for signed in users can be achieved but is tricky as you have to allow, that css and js is delivered from that page even when not signed in, else the loginpage will look - well - strange 🙂

Have fun,


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