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Basic Form/Dataverse - Filter Lookup/Drop Down based on previoulsy selected drop down



I'm trying to create a simple form on a PowerApps Portal for users to log a request. What I'm trying to achieve seems so simple but I've searched everywhere on YouTube, forums, etc. and can't find a simple solution anywhere.


I have two tables, one has site details, the other is where requests go. I have a form set-up for the request form, with a look-up column to the site list.


Site list has columns such as Country, Brand, Unique Site Number. In the form I want to be able to select Country, Brand, and it should be able to filter to only show the Unique Site Numbers that are in that Country.


See below screenshot example of what the data looks like and what the type of drop downs I'm trying to make. I found online how to render the Look-up a dropdown if that will change what I need to do?


Any help is much appreciated!




Resolver I
Resolver I

Since these are lookups, you can use OOB lookup filters under field editor on the form. Let me know if you need further information.


Hi Heshal


I think I have tried to do that but it doesn't show any of those fields as options. I Created Site Number, Country,  Brand as lookup columns in the Request/Work Orders Table looking to the Site Details Table.


Any idea what I might be doing wrong? Maybe I missed a step?





@Brandon-Rose  @Let me ask you a question, are country and brand fields lookup in Site list?

In the Site List table it’s just data that I have added and are text fields. They are updated via via power automate when there are new sites added, etc.


In the work order/request table I just added a column for the site which is a lookup to the site details table. I don’t really know whether the columns in the work order/request table for brand and country should be the same lookup type? For now I added brand as a lookup type column to site details.

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Bumping to see if there's anyone that might be able to help with this or point me in the right direction? It seems like such a simple thing to do so maybe there is an easy solution I don't know about?




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