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Build a Power Apps Web Page without Portal



I have an entity in a solution that I want to create a Power Apps webpage for to submit data from a website.  But the webpage does not need to go into Portal (nor can I force it to go into a Portal).


Is there a way to create a webpage that I can publish the URL for will do all the work of connecting by front-end webpage to my back-end entity?


Otherwise, is writing the page in ASP.NET or some other language the only way to accomplish this?


Thank you - Greg.



Yes, you have to build your own Web API front-end to serve your custom web page and don't forget you have to host, test, maintain and scale that web page. The Web API you have to build would help securely hide the actual connection on server-side via Azure AD Application to Dataverse Web API - Use the Microsoft Dataverse Web API (Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Docs


You would have to license or be sure you have enough Power Platform API requests to service your web application needs. 


Is there reason for Portal use licensing only or is there a technical reason?


You could quickly build a 1 web page portal with minimum UI to create a Input Form for a Dataverse table that can be sever anonumously it's almost the value proposition of Portal. You would need Portals capacity packs  

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The only reason we don't want to use a portal for this particular application (we use them in other places) is we do not want people to go login to use the application.


So I guess the question is, can I create a portal app with no login interface, delete all the existing portal web pages and then have its own webpage to handle the submission of this data?


It seems like I'd be doing more work to shoehorn my way into it (unless I am missing something).


Completely anonymous unauthenticated portals are perfectly possible and are ok.


Simply remove all other sample pages when you start


To remove Login button - go to Header template and find the login link in HTML and just remove it


You can also study the Header template to further turn the UI to your needs

Then export that template for re-use (before starting more project specific changes)


Portals Page View capacity pack is what you would want Power Apps and Power Automate licensing FAQs - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs

Hi @Greggomatic 


As @NikitaPolyakov  mentioned. The simple way I would think is to hide your login page breadcrumbs. You can find the solution in the below forum 


If you only need to show one web page, one more solution I would think rather than deleting all web pages is to apply appropriate web roles (in your case it will be an Anonymous web role)


There are many threads in this forum on how to hide web pages according to web roles. Also, FYI below article is useful for you  


Hope it helps. 

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Can't hide web pages via web roles without login and OP state they did not want login, maybe I misunderstood.


You can just now show web pages in any kind of menu and use direct URL to them, and make home page fairly simple to completely blank. 

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