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Helper IV
Helper IV

Cannot Delete Breadcrumb Portal Component

Hi All,


I'm having an issue with Portal components, in particular the Breadcrumb component. I've created a number of pages which use different page templates but they all exhibit the same behaviour. I can add components (Text, Form, Power BI, Breadcrumb, List) to the Column. However if I try to delete these components I can delete any of them except for the Breadcrumb, when I click on it the Delete button remains disabled. Can anyone help?

Helper I
Helper I

I'm not sure how are you managing content on your portal, but I do this straight from code. So when you cannot remove something, just go to the Portal Management in D365 and find Web Template which is behind that page and update Liquid code and remove the Breadcrumb block from the template.


Hi indyanin

Thanks for the reply.

I do have some pages where I have created my own templates, and have full control over what is in them.

However unfortunately this is not the case for the other pages which are experiencing this issue.

One page uses the 'Default studio' template, and this template contains:

<!-- Default studio template. Please do not modify -->
{% include 'Page Copy' %}

And the 'Page Copy' template contains:

<div class="page-copy">
{% editable page 'adx_copy' type: 'html', liquid: true %}


Another page uses the 'Full Page' template, and this template contains:

{% extends 'Layout 1 Column' %}

{% block main %}
{% include 'Page Copy' %}
{% include 'Child Navigation' showdescriptions: true %}
{% if page.adx_entitylist %}
{% include 'entity_list' key: %}
{% endif %}

{% if page.adx_entityform %}
{% entityform id: %}
{% endif %}

{% if page.adx_webform %}
{% webform id: %}
{% endif %}
{% endblock %}


Another page uses the 'Blank Page' template, and this template contains:

<div class="container">
{% editable page 'adx_copy' %}

There appears to be something set somewhere which renders the Breadcrumb component as not being editable in the Studio once it has been placed on a page.
I can modify it's style (e.g. background colour) in the themes.css

Helper I
Helper I

In that case I would go straight to Content Webpage and under Advanced i would inject this jquery $('.breadcrumb').hide(); 


Maybe brute-force approach but effective for sure 🙂

Thanks indyanin

Thanks for the suggestion.

My situation is that I don't want to hide the breadcrumb. When I first built the pages in question I added the Breadcrumb component to the column for the pages. In this case the breadcrumb doesn't span the whole of the page but only the single column within the section. We want the breadcrumb to span the whole of the page. I've got a very simple template which does this when applied to the pages affected, but we then have two breadcrumb components, hence why I want to delete the original component rather than hide the breadcrumb component completely.

Helper I
Helper I

depending on your html structure you may target only the first element it finds instead of all components with breadcrumb class with eg first method. As I said I would handle your situation with jquery, but I don't know your code so I'm not able to give you a straight answer.

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Not sure if breadcrumb has its own block in the template that you are extending, but for other items you would just override them by creating a block with the name (this then overrides the same item from the Template being Extended)


<% block sidebar %>
your replacement stuff here if any
<% endblock %>

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