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Changes in webtemplate (pagination) are not reflecting

Hello everyone, 


Today I tried to adjust the content of the standard pagination webtemplate in my power portal app. I tried to adjust the previous and forward arrow icons. But changes to the webtemplate do not seem to reflect.


I cleaned the cache and reflection are still not visible. 


Could someone help me out?


Thanks in advance!

Super User
Super User

Hi @Bart-qteam 


Are you referring to the template "Page with Child links?" Please post the screenshot of where did you make the changes? 


Try Ctrl + F5 once you have done sync changes. 


Hope it helps. 

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Thanks for your response!


It's about the Pagination webtemplate. I only made a change in the arrow icon (I added the text: Previous). I also tried changes in other sections of the template, but none of them are working.


Ctrl + F5 is not working.

Advocate I
Advocate I



You need to ensure that you've replaced '«' with 'Previous' in the following locations in your Pagination Web Template:


 {% if current_page == 1 %}
      <li class="disabled"><a href="{{ request.url | add_query: 'page', '1' | path_and_query | escape }}">Previous</a></li>
      <li class="disabled"><a href="{{ request.url | add_query: 'page', prev_page | path_and_query | escape }}">Previous</a></li>
  {% else %}
      <li><a href="{{ request.url | add_query: 'page', '1' | path_and_query | escape }}">Previous</a></li>
      <li><a href="{{ request.url | add_query: 'page', prev_page | path_and_query | escape }}">Previous</a></li>
  {% endif %}


Once that's done, you need to clear your portal cache by either going to /_services/about as a logged in user with the Administrator Web Role, or, by heading to the Power Apps Portal Studio and using the Browse Website button.


I've just tried this with no issues.




Thank you very much, I will try this.


Edit: after clearing the cache and following your instructions the changes are still not reflecting.

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