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Clear Cache API

So i understand that there is an SLA of 15 minutes before the data in the entities who are inserted from Dynamics can be made available in Power Apps Portal. 


As per the documentation to get it faster you have to clear the cache  i.e. click on browse website from the editor.


I digged a little and found that it actually sends a request to


is it possible to call this API from an external flow? With correct authorization token and other formalities. WE tried doing with the authorization token but didn't get successful maybe we are missing something in the token


Hi Rahber,


There is currently no supported API clear the cache.


You're right that there is an internal endpoint used to clear the cache by the product team (you can see more about it in Colin Vermander's post:, but it is not supported for external use.


My understanding is that an API is something that is on the product team's radar, but there is no timeline as for when something like that might be available.



Regular Visitor

We should have the option to clear the cache at Tennant level

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