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Combining Templates



We have an existing Portal that we created from a blank slate, and we'd like to add in some of the features that we've seen on the Community Portal template - specifically things like blogs, forums, and idea voting. Is that possible, and if so how?

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Super User

Hi, if you haven't really worked on anything yet on your Portals I would suggest deleting the existing Blank Portal and create from the template you want.


If you already have work done I would suggest creating a new portal from template, just so it install all entities/solutions you need. You can then delete the Portal app and what you need to do here is manually re-reference the "Website" lookup of any content snippet / forms / web template that you need from Community Portal to Starter Portal.


There is nothing to worry in terms of the Portals website itself. Every Portal, regardless of template runs based on the same source code, the only different is that certain templates create additional Dataverse tables and new Web Templates as well


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