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Helper II
Helper II

Custom Domain name redirects to

I created a portal website and went through the steps provided by Microsoft to add a custom domain, this is the document  The problem I have is that every time I type the URL, it keeps redirecting to the which is not what I want. I had asked Microsoft service if the custom URL will be redirected to the and they said no, so that makes me believe that there should not be any redirecting going on. The environment is a production environment. Has anyone encountered this?


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Helper II
Helper II

My domain name is no longer redirecting. It was an odd issue because the CNAME was already set on the godaddy admin without me touching it and I still had redirecting. What I did was remove it, and re-added it. What I did not know was that it takes 24 hours on godaddy side for it to take effect so that was the confusion, godaddy informed me to wait 24hrs. So I think I just needed to reset the CNAME, by that I mean that I had to remove and re-add the CNAME and allow the 24 hours to pass by. Now it work! thanks!

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Super User
Super User

Hi @chrisOrtiz 

I didn't face any problem at all. I think you might have missed minor step. Please confirm have you created the cname record with your domain provider?


Thank you for the help, and no, I have not created a CNAME with my domain provider (Godaddy). The screenshot shows the information required. Godaddy says under  "Point to" to provide the following information


  • Points to: The URL you are setting as the destination for the host. Type @ to point directly to your root domain name.

Should this be the URL I want? (without



Regular Visitor


We have the same problem on our side. We created the CNAME record with our domain provider, and the portal was functioning alright until recently. We have figured out the following:
When we request the site with www subdomain, it is returned normally:


But when we request without the www, it is redirected to the portal's initial domain:



It is also evident that there is caching involved when we use the url without the www subdomain (we can see that CloudFlare's CDN is used lower in the headers).

What can we do to resolve this issue? Is this the problem with the CDN or do we need to do some additional configuration on our side?

Hi @chrisOrtiz


You have to set the CNAME record definitely. I am adding the screenshot of my live case for reference 



From the official docs, you can find the below note as well. Why it is important to add a CNAME record 





Bonus: You may face a problem converting your SSL certificate.PFX format as I can see your records are with GoDaddy. Please check my article below to solve that problem 


Hi @FilipB,

Please raise this in a separate thread for better clarity and not to confuse others. 


Hope it helps. 


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Helper II
Helper II

Thank you for your response, godaddy already had the CNAME pointing to the Microsoft Domain name, but it does end with



I also create a new CNAME without the on godaddy, but this still did not change anything.

Thank you for the information regarding the SSL certificate, I did not have any issues though, and my site does show the security. But, can this be a reason why my website keeps directing to the When I type www.[domainname].com I do not have any issues, only when I simply type the name is when I am routed to the, which still is not good since our customers generally do not type www. when searching for the site. 

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. 

Hi @chrisOrtiz 

From your screenshot, the second column (canonical name) where GoDaddy added your CNAME record. Does it include WWW in the front? 

Alternative way of finding is 


1. Log in to 

2. App Registrations > Owned applications > You can see Microsoft CRM portals registered for your production. 

3. Under Authentication > Redirect URIs 


Can you see something which is messed up there?  This will allow you to figure out the problem. 


Hope it helps. 


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Helper II
Helper II

@ragavanrajan thank you and yes it does start with www 

This is what I see, I would think that I should delete the but I am not sure if that is required to be there. Thank you so much for helping me here.



Hi @chrisOrtiz  pls remove the www and leave the

So it will look like



As you mentioned users are not going to use www.


Then you need to wait until DNS will take effect.

Helper II
Helper II

I'm sorry www was not in front and had the name as you mentioned. Just incase I re-added. 

There are actually 2 CNAME records the second one seem to do anything and has a underscore "_" in the front. Everything I have seen about custom domain seems to work. 


I am still getting redirected when www. is not typed in the URL. Is there some kind of workaround?


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