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Helper II
Helper II

Custom Domain name redirects to

I created a portal website and went through the steps provided by Microsoft to add a custom domain, this is the document  The problem I have is that every time I type the URL, it keeps redirecting to the which is not what I want. I had asked Microsoft service if the custom URL will be redirected to the and they said no, so that makes me believe that there should not be any redirecting going on. The environment is a production environment. Has anyone encountered this?


Hi @chrisOrtiz 


The solution is simple, you should only have one CNAME record in total. So to make things clear. 

Remove all CNAME records first. 


1. Add a CNAME record with your custom domain name and in the canonical name add your actual URL. 



Type Domain Name Canonical Name TTL  
CNAME 5 min


once you have added wait for DNS to propagate. Then for sure, there will not be any redirects. 


Hope it helps. 


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Hi @ragavanrajan ,

As I can see in the docs you can only assign one domain name to the Portal instance ( -> Portal -> Manage -> custom domain configuration). I saw that we had a www. domain registered here with an SSL binding. So this was probably why our www. domain was functioning normally and the domain without the www. subdomain didn't (it redirected automatically to
My question is, if we register our domain here (without the www. subdomain), will this then function both with that domain and the www. subdomain (without redirects to the initial
I am replying to this thread because I think this is related to the posted problem and we could both benefit from the answers. Thank you for any help and please let me know if additional clarification is necessary.

Hi @FilipB 


I understand your CNAME records include the WWW? Are you sure you want it with WWW as no one is now using www commonly. As @chrisOrtiz  mentioned normally customers prefer without WWW. Even the same in our case as well. 


It is a broad topic if you need both then please follow the below thread for Permanent, temporary redirect 


Hope it helps. 


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You are right, the www configuration was made erroneously. I think a forwarding solution like you provided should be fine. Thank you for the reply, very helpful.

Helper II
Helper II

My domain name is no longer redirecting. It was an odd issue because the CNAME was already set on the godaddy admin without me touching it and I still had redirecting. What I did was remove it, and re-added it. What I did not know was that it takes 24 hours on godaddy side for it to take effect so that was the confusion, godaddy informed me to wait 24hrs. So I think I just needed to reset the CNAME, by that I mean that I had to remove and re-add the CNAME and allow the 24 hours to pass by. Now it work! thanks!

Glad to hear that @chrisOrtiz. Would be great if you can mark it as a solution, please? So that others can benefit. Thanks for your understanding. 

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