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Customer Self Service Portal Design


I would like to add/modify the design of this portal, and what I want to achieve is the following:

  • I want to change the color of the navigation from black to blue.
  • I want to add a company logo to this navigation.


  • I want to add another logo in the right of the text "Sign in with a local account". Take a look at the screenshot below:

    Sign up 

  • I want to change the following photo posted below in the "Get Help" section.

    Get Help Section 

Can please someone explains in detail and provides an example to achieve the following requirements mentioned above for the Customer Self-Service Portal?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Community Support
Community Support


Color, style, etc. are managed through Themes and css (bootstrap), you can change from the threme.css, you can download it from CRM and update it, upload it back to CRM.


To add a logo, go to Content Snippet - Navbar Left, this part defines the navigate of hearder, you can do some change here to modify the logo.

I think the video will be more helpful and easy-understanding, please check this: 


Hi @v-siky-msft 

Thank you for sharing this helpful video.

I have achieved to change the color of the navigation and add a logo.


Unfortunately, I didn't find the Content snippets for the Signup page to customize it and add a logo to the left of "Sign up with a local account".

Do you have any idea what would be the name of this content?


Looking to hear from you.
Thanks again!

Hi @Julien2 ,

Content snippet that you need is Account/SignIn/SignInLocalFormHeading. If you don't have it in your system already you can just create it.


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Yes, I agree with what @OOlashyn said.

If you want to modify the local sign-in form, just go to Content Snippet - Account/SignIn/SignInLocalFormHeading.


Hi @v-siky-msft ,


I have created this record "Account/SignIn/SignInLocalFormHeading" of type "HTML" because I want to add a logo, but unfortunately, the HTML tags appear instead of showing the image output.


Please take a look at the screenshots below:

Account.PNGOutput result.PNG

What I am doing wrong since the type of this record is "HTML"?

Looking to hear from you.
Thank you!

Hi @Julien2 ,

You are doing everything correctly. When I tried to add HTML tags in my snippet it also renders them as text.

@v-siky-msft can you check if this is a bug or this snippet can be only rendered as text?

If you find this post helpful consider marking it as a solution to help others find it.

@OOlashyn @Julien2 

All content snippets value support HTML makeup.

That could be a bug, I will submit this to Microsoft, hope it can be fixed in next update.




Thank you for reporting this to Microsoft.

Where I can know the publish date of the latest updates for this portal?


Thank you!

Regular Visitor

Is this bug sorted? I'm having this issue right now.

My snippet is rendering the HTML content as text but is rendering correctly on Power Apps Editor. 


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