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Duplicates | Pre-Validation on submit button



we have a portal form that is used to create a contact, yet we want to have some sort of duplicate detection. The issue with alternate keys is that we got 3 scenarios (1. no email, no custom field xx  = contact is created)  2.(.E-Mail exists, no custom field xx  = contact gets updated) 3.(E-Mail and custom field exist = contact will not be created).


So we need some sort of pre-validation on the submit event, any thoughts?

In addition to this we want to display a pop-up with a custom notification based on the scenarios 1,2 and 3.


Big thanks!

Resolver I
Resolver I

HI @hershal1999 ,


the issue with the alternate key is that we got 3 scenarios not 2. So if I Put an key on the e-mail I wont be able to say "if the email is already taken and field xyx has no data" update the contact. Because the error message will notify me that the email needs to be unique. On the other hand I want to prevent the creation of the contact if both the e-mail and the field xyx are already existing.

@newmay Please check my response to that post related to the plugin



sorry I overlooked it. 


Could you give me about more information what need to develop here? Or maybe a Step-by-Step approach? So I could talk it over with my developer colleagues? 


So it would be able to throw an error based on the different scenarios? in form of a pop up or something?

Resolver I
Resolver I

Give me until weekend will give you step by step instructions.

@hershal1999  BIG THANK YOU

Resolver I
Resolver I

@newmay I have one question, do you want to create a contact directly from the portal form? If not then I have another option as below:


  • Create a custom table (entity), will fields that you generally capture on a Contact form. 
  • Expose this entity on the portal instead of the Contact entity.
  • Once the data is captured, use the backend process to validate the data and create Contact. This can be manual or automated validation using OOB background flow/ Power automate etc. 
  • If there you find any duplicate send out an email notification to the record creator. 

This way you don't have to perform any custom logic or create the plugin. Let me know if this solution works for you or not. If not then I can definitely provide custom logic to do the validation. 



First of all thank you for the answer. Unfortunately we need to create a contact from the portal form, thus I think we need a custom logic! 


Click on buttom - Validation musst happen based on 3 scenarios and give out a message for the portal user based of one of the scenarios and either create/update/decline the contact creation.

Ok, will get you steps to do that soon.

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