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Error when migrating portal



I am trying to migrate one environment with all its content (Portal, administration portal, flows… etc) using the Data Migration Utility. I have read that the process to do so is the following: 

  1.  Create schema that describes everything you want to export.
  2.  Export data using schema from original environment.
  3.  Import data using schema from new environment.

After logging I find a window where I can choose the "solution" but I don't know which one to choose. I have tried with "Common Data Service Default Solution" and created a schema for one of my custom entities but when trying to import it into the new environment I get an error saying I am missing that entity in the new environment. After creating and entity with the same name I get an error saying that I am missing some fields… If I have to manually create the entity in the new environment, what is the point of using the tool?


I would be very grateful if someone could explain all the steps I have to take in order to get the exact copy of my environment, including the portal, web forms, flows, entities… etc


Thank you in advance.





When moving portal configuration, there are two main steps:


- You need to move the Solution(s) that contain the definition/schema for custom entities, workflows, etc

- You need to move the data/records for the portal (including the portals records like web page, web templates, etc) and any other custom records you want.


The Configuration Data Migration Utility only does the second step - you need to do the first step by exporting a Solution from your source environment and importing it into your destination environment.



Hi @nhayduk ,


First of all, thanks for the quick reply. The first point you talked about reminded be of the "solution" asked by the tool when creating an schema, but you said this isn't done through the tool, right?


If this is the case, could you let me know where to find information about moving the solutions?

Thank you.

Hi @nhayduk,


Thanks for the info. I have tried to follow the steps to create a solution but I don't have the app they talk about, "Common Data Service - custom app" in my "All Apps" section. I have attached a snapshot to show you the part I am talking about. I have tried to find this app through PowerApps and home.dynamics with no luck.



@MS5 please navigate to --> solutions --> new solution




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Oliver Rodrigues




I have managed to create a solution including the entity and flows I want to deploy. Ater creating it I imported it into the new environement succesfully but I can't see the flows in the new environment (the entity is OK). When going back to the original environment I have seen that all the flows I included in the solution have now vanished! Is this suppose to happen?


If I look into the solution I can still see the flows there. How can I solve this issue?

Thank you.

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