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Helper II
Helper II

Factors Affecting Web Form Performance (Moving from one step to the next)

As per the title, I have a web form which is slow when moving from one step to the next.


The web form has around 30 steps of which 15 are conditional steps, therefore 15 steps where data is actually imputed.


Can anyone advise on what factors affect performance please? I know that in general the more API calls to a particular table in CDS/dataverse can cause poor performance, however the form is not live yet, so I am the only one using it and the load time when clicking 'Next' to proceed to next step seems rather slow.


Any advice much appreciated!

Community Support
Community Support

Hello @davidyc ,


I'd recommend you grab a fiddler trace or use any other tool to understand which step and what action is taking time.

Once you know which step or call, you can concentrate more on the fields (entity attributes used) and the response time.





Helper II
Helper II

Can anyone tell me which factors might affect Web Form performance:


  1. Multi line text fields on the web form primary table, at least one field visible on every web form step.
  2. Multiple subgrids on each web form step
  3. Large primary table (approx 200ish columns)
Super User
Super User

Hi @davidyc , 


As @Pranjali mentioned running fiddler would tell you what is actually causing the problem. But if you have 200x columns then I believe it is one of the factor which will definitely affect the performance. 


You can also measure your powerapps portal performance using lighthouse > just paste in the URL and click Run audit . You can find many useful insights and the places to improve. 


Hope it helps. 


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Thank you, I did see the comment about the Fiddler tool however my technical knowledge is not at the level to understand the data that Fiddler is showing.


I tried the Lighthouse tool,  but I don't know if it works on the Portal which requires authentication?


Does a large table slow down performance even when only some of the columns on the table are in use?

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Need to remember that each step performs actions on the server side

  • Insert, lots of fields takes more time, realtime plugins or workflows take time as the next page waits for them to complete execution.
  • Update lots of fields potentially takes more time, realtime plugins or workflows take time
  • Evaluate Conditions - when you insert & update believe all the conditions on the Main true path get re-evaluated - not sure about the false paths, you can see the true path gets re-evaluated as the 'tab' headings change.
  • The Web Form Session data is also reconstructed and saved into the CRM/Dataverse instance each next/previous
  • and, generally have found Web Forms to be slow.

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