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Filter using 'Choices' Dataverse column



I've added a few filters to my entity list using the "Metadata Filter" functionality, which has worked great (attached). However, I have a column that does not appear as an attribute for selection in a dynamic picklist set or attribute filter set. I believe this is because it is a 'Choices' column, and not a 'Choice' column like the others.


I'm wondering if there's any way to add a filter that uses a Choices column to the Metadata Filter list? I see there is an option to use a FetchXML filter, but I have not been able to find documentation on how to pull a list of choices with FetchXML.




Hi @DavidW_c5 ,

Yes, you are correct it is because of a Choices column (previously Multiselect OptionSet). I think fetchxml filter should work just fine as it allows for more complex statements and shouldn't be restricted. You cannot dynamically pull the list of choices you would need to write them all in your fetchxml statement. You would need to write each option in separate condition which should allow the portal to render it as an option (check the image on the old Adx Community forum on how it usually look for fetchxml filter). You can use Advance find or FetchXmlBuilder from XmlToolBox to build your query.

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Hi @OOlashyn ,


Thanks for your reply, that link was helpful, and while I was able to get the example they posted (filtering for text in name) up and running, I cannot get the multi-select xml output to work. Using the FetchXML code:

<filter type="or">
  <condition attribute="cre06_category" operator="contain-values" uiname="option">


causes the entire filter box to show up blank. After some more research, I'm not confident this is supported.

Well, it might be that multi-select isn't supported in the entity list at all. This type of field is also not supported on the entity forms.

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