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HOW to show picture in view (or a list )on portal

how to show a picture that in  a list (or a veiw) on the portal,we want to show a picture which shows what it is ,the name ,and the price that as a property in a form. list  like a gallery in  convas

Super User
Super User

Hi @Jungle 


If you want to show images in the Entity list, as far as I am aware there is no OOB way.  There will be a "File column" support in future probably by end of August which will allow us to add some images/ Files (hoping). 


The simple way as of now as a workaround is to display the IMAGE URL in one column. Let the users can click the link and navigate to the image source to view the images. 


Hope it helps. 

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sorry,it is not an appropriate solution  I want,by using click the URL,the image can't be displayed the first time you see it,for a catalogue,it is  essential to let others know what it is by see the thing first time。

if there is no OOB way now,can it be complate by liquid language on html

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

Not out of the box, but there are probably various ways via customization.  How it is done will also depend on where the image is going to be located e.g. EntityImage, Notes Attachment, stored on another website.


Better performance would probably be achieved if the images were stored somewhere public, and then you are just writing an IMG tag with the value of its src=to a url that you have stored on the record in DataVerse. 


If it will only be a relatively small number, then another way may be to add a Lookup to a Web File on your 'product' record.  Add/attach the image to the Web File record.  Web Files are cached and have a static URL based on the name and partial name of the Web File record.  Then similar to the above, you can create the IMG source (FetchXML the Product with relevant fields from the parent Web File record)


Technically you can query the data out of DataVerse and Base64 convert it (but performance is likely to be a little bit slower than the 2 options above, and have to be more mindful of file sizes), the following link is an old example of someone using Entity Image on a Form but roughly the same logic could be applied to a list view that you create from scratch  or adapted to use a notes attachment


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