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Helper I

Help setting up special webpage access rules (authenticated users need to complete another form)

Hi all -


I'm a little new to portals & I'm trying to setup a web page access rule that for webpage viewing. 


We need to confirm that our customers belong to certain organization (it's a manual process that is done via email after our customer provides us a special ID#...long story but an API is too expensive per our owner so I have to manually check with an outside source via email and update their records manually as 'approved', currently done through a MS Form tracking the responses/excel spreadsheet - I've set up a CDS 'table', formerly known as entity for future use...)

We have pricing pages that we only want our VARIFIED customers to see these pages. SO, they will create a login on the portal, then complete the form to provide us their info & we manually verify them. Once verified (or authenticated and verified) they can then see all the pricing pages.

Current non-working solution (I hope I'm just implementing it wrong?):

I've created a new web role (named auth & verified customers) and a webpage access control rule (activated) set to restrict read for webrole auth & verified customers) for the page and it's child pages (there are 3 child pages). 

Unfortunately this doesn't work. You can't see the pages in the menu if you aren't logged in, but the second a user creates a registration and logs in, they can see the pages. I want it to be that they have to fill out a form and i manually add that new webrole to their contact info in the 'dataverse' 😉 before they can see it.

I've tried stacking webroles, as in they are auth users and auth& verified users and added both webroles to the access rule, all to no avail.


Do I have some setting not enable possibly, or have the process incorrect? OR do i need to start using entity permissions instead? I'm at loss & could really use some help/direction!! thanks!!


I am REALLY hoping to NOT have to set up an invitation only access to the site (effectively eliminating the self service registration) where we vet them before they access the portal.  Please help!!



Solution Sage
Solution Sage

One thing to note is that the sync of portal config data is not always straight away, so what you often do is login to the Portal (with the Administrators web role assigned) and go to /_services/about and then click the Clear cache button (and/or the Clear Config button) to get the old stuff out of the Portal's Cache.

Right on, yeah, sometimes the delay is I do clear cache a different way (and sync config, give it a few minutes if I don't see my changes...i waited overnight a few time after cache clearing just to make sure in the past!). I will check this out as another cache clearing tool, thank you @Fubar !


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