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How to achieve this business need?

I need to create a portal for external users to submit applications. The users will be logged in users. There are 3 types of users

Applicant - Can submit the application for himself
Employer - Can submit the application for their company on behalf of applicants. Employers can submit only applications for their company.
Agency - Can submit an application for company, or directly for an applicant. Agency can submit applications for any company or any applicant.

I am assuming I will create 3 web roles for applicant, employer and agent, but not sure how to implement the restrictions.

Also, agency and employer should be able to create employees under them who will fill out the applications. Agency and employer will have a primary contact who can see all applications for that agency / employer. The primary contact can then create additional employees as portal users who will be able to see only applications created by them.

Do I need to create a specific type of portal which will allow users to create additional users (depending on their role)?

Any guidance on how to get started will be very much appreciated.

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Super User

Hi, you need to secure your data and web pages according to the Web Roles you will have in place:


You should have multiple entity permissions for the same entity, each one for a specific web role

Similar to Web Page Access Control Rules, you should secure your pages for only a specific Web Role


For your entity form, you can choose to either have a single one, and for example control via JS the reference to the contact record (keeping it read-only/hidden if an Applicant, and then enable it if it is an Employer, etc)


You don't need a specific Portal type to allow your portal user to create other portal users, any Portal type should be able to do the job


Try to implement the permissions I mentioned above and see how far you go, if you have any other particular question please post here and we can help you.

Also take a look at this youtube channel, plenty of quick tips that can help with your implementation:


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Oliver Rodrigues



Hi @PortalNewbie,

You might benefit from looking into Partner Portal in order to have some starting points for the web roles. Note that these roles typically are for companies to self-manage portal users in their own company, but you might be able to use that as a starting point to play with your Agency need. You'll likely need to follow @OliverRodrigues's recommendations, but you could probably also use the same web page and control the data available to the web roles.

E.g.: Web Page for an Entity Form for 'Application' Entity, which has a Lookup to 'Company'.

Users with Applicant Web Role have no permissions to read/append/append to the Company (account?) entity.

Users with Employer Web Role have permissions to read/append/append to the Company associated to their Contact.

Users with Agency Web Role have Global permissions to read/append/append to for the Company entity.


I hope this helps,



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